Swimming Pool Inspections

Pool Inspections

Hire a true Pool Professional:

Don't take your Realtors word for it or the Sellers word for it...You will get the short end of the stick.  The worst part is that you will never know what's wrong until you hire a professional.  Unfortunately most "pool guys" are not Licensed contractors and have no business offering an inspection.  Moreover these "pool guys" being unlicensed likely do not have the experience nor are they up to date with current codes and regulations.   Ready to schedule click here.


 Check state license here before you contract a pool professional for your inspection. The pool industry as whole is filled with imposters and people claiming they have the knowledge.  It's likely they have a county or city license to perform business that doesn't require regulation.   A few example of unregulated industries: Pressure washing, Landscaping, tree trimming, pool cleaning, 


Be cautious:

People like to hide things from potential buyers, realtors, home inspectors, ect...  We dig deep into all the systems of the swimming pool on the home you are ready to buy.  Don't fall in love with the house until you have the pool inspected.  Sometimes seemingly small problems can cost a fortune in the long run.  Often sellers lie to buyers..."oh that part is $10 online", just replace it and it will work again.  Seriously if that were the case then they would've fixed it before listing the house for sale.  

At this point the buyer is head over heals in love with the house and will choose to over look the actual cost for the fix/repair/replacement. It's best to hire a licensed pool professional to evaluate your swimming pool before signing all the documents to purchase the house because you can't take your signature back. Unfortunately home inspectors are not qualified to inspect swimming pools, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Leaking pool pump, cracked pool pump housing, Pentair Pinnacle, broken pool pump, Pool Inspection.

Pin hole leak in pool pump causing leak likely to get worse costing hundreds a year in water loss.


Pool Inspection results

Pool Inspection Findings

This is a classic example of  buyer telling me the pool is fine I just want you to look over it before I buy it.  In this case there was almost $10,000 worth of repairs needed to fix this pool.  It's important to look at the whole picture when purchasing an existing pool.  We need to evaluate everything from the plumbing to the wiring.  A replacement pool heat pump can cost $4000-7000.  Schedule an inspection today and protect yourself.