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Swimming Pool Pumps

We offer a variety Swimming pool pumps for inground pools.  The Pentair Intelliflo is the shining star in the pool industry for swimming pool pump filtration.  The intelliflo pump is the top of the line variable speed pump available for your pool.  With an average of 75-90% savings, the Intelliflo is the swimming pool pump of choice for pool professionals and homeowners. 

 Pentair pioneered variable speed pool pump manufacturing, no wonder they are the number one choice of swimming pool professionals.  This pump can run up to eight different speeds with timers for each.  Therefore we can dial the speeds in just right to give you optimal flow and savings.  

We also offer single speed pool pumps for fountains, hydro jets, water falls, ect..  Call us today so you can rake in the savings and STOP overpaying the utility company.  Click here to get an idea of the savings with a Variable speed pool pum.

Pentair Intelliflo Variable speed pool pump Inground pool pump

                         Pentair Intelliflo